Monday, December 22, 2008

Kid's and the things they say

Anyone that has kids, teaches kids, or is around kids, can tell you that sometimes they say the funniest, strangest and most hilarious things. I have two of these that I need to share for you all to enjoy.

Yesterday at church I had the great "opportunity" to substitute in Malorie's class(on the left in picutre). I even got to give the lesson. To go with the time of year, it was all about the birth of baby Jesus. I aksed the kids what three presents the Three Wise Men brought with them to give baby Jesus. Of course Malorie's hand shot up like a lightning bolt. I called on her and she proudly proclaimed "Gold, Myrrh, and FRANKENSTEIN." What the????? What a terrible gift to bring. I can't think of anything worse than bringing a MONSTER with you to the birth of the baby Jesus can you?
A couple of weeks ago my brother-in-law was doing some yard work. He cut a branch down that fell right on his face. His nose swelled up huge. Coltin (in the middle in the picture) and I went to go check on him. After seeing him, on the drive back home, I turned to Coltin and said:
"Isn't it sad that Tony probably broke his nose?"
Coltin responded: "How can someone break their nose? There aren't even bones in there. Isn't it all just a bunch of CLEAVAGE???????"
I almost died laughing. I had to pull over and get my inhaler out of the glovebox! I almost had to give it to Coltin as well after I explained to him that he really meant Cartilage!!

Gotta love it! Tell us all something funny a child has said to you recently.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck the Halls

I LOVE decorating our tree each year for the holidays. We have a tradition- Teresa puts on the lights and I decorate the tree. I just don't have the patience for the lights! No seriously, no patience at all. Last year Teresa decided her job would be a lot easier if she just purchased a pre-lit tree. Brilliant! Now if I could find a pre-decorated one! Here are some pics of this years tree. Click to make them bigger.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am sure many of you have that dreaded tradition where you go around the table, after Thanksgiving dinner, and each say a thing or two that you are thankful for. I used to DREAD this tradition when I was younger. I mean really, how many years in a row can you say "Uh... my family, I guess", and get away with it? Well today I feel thankful for many things and I need to write my top ten. A little longer entry but worh it. (I have a lot to be thankful for)
  1. Uh, my FAMILY, I guess :) My wife and Kids. The picture is off to the side- Who wouldn't be thankful for them? Truly the #1 best thing in my life.
  2. That I live in a free and democratic country. No matter how hard of times we may fall on, I still will always be grateful to live here.
  3. My job- I love working for Stampin' Up! It is an amazing company and I love, and strongly believe in, all that they stand for.
  4. Television- I am a news and Hollywood junkie. I know, two extremes- but love it.
  5. My home- all 2400 square feet. I always thought Iwould need so much more than that. I thought it would be a starter home; just a step to something greater. I realize now it is all I need and that what I truly need in my life is to be giving a lot more of what I have to other people. Besides I could live in a bunker if I knew I would be with my wife and kids- most days anyway! :)
  6. Diet Coke- though I am giving it up for Lent (not being Catholic I am really not sure what that entails but I hear people around me giving up something for a time called Lent. Sounds kind of fun. I think I will try it- yea right.
  7. My Brother and Sisters- Each one brings such special traits to our family. We have a riot when we are together. I know that I always need to pack my inhaler because we will be laughing for hours and hours and hours- and my poor little lungs can't take it. Brian is a riot! The family clown. You never know when you will come around a corner and be greeted by a "full moon". Buffy-so calm and nurturing and thoughtful. Wants everyone to be happy. And Jen, incredibly patience, has tons of love to go around, and laughs like a witch (you know you do- we have been telling you for years).
  8. My parents- two wonderful people that care so much about other people that they always put themselves last. Mom-surviving cancer for the second time and doing so without any complaints (I didn't get that trait) and Dad- cares deeply about making our city, state and country a better place to live and spends much time volunteering to do so.
  9. Music- hearing someone singing in the shower, whistling at work (Linda), humming while working, snapping to the beat of music (Shannon), hearing songs of the season by the Mo Tab Choir, Donny Osmond and Mariah Carey, hearing Malorie and Coltin play a song on the piano that they have learned and are so proud to share, and hearing Sophie constantly walk around the house singing made up words to familiar tunes. Life would be so boring without the blessing of music.
  10. Cars- even though I live about 5 miles from work, can you imagine how long that would take me on a horse, skates, walking, jogging (well that one would probably kill me long before I got there) skateboard, in a carriage or wagon. UGH! I forget how convenient they make life. I can easily go see my familf members. Sometimes in just minutes.

I want everyone to reply with at least one thing you are thankful for. It feeld good.

God bless!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My SWEET little Sophie

Miss Sophie (4) is our youngest, she has a personality like none other in our family. Sweet one minute but can turn on you without any notice. She keeps us on our toes. Here is a conversation that will help you see what I am taking about.

You should know that we were visitng Grammy and Papa (my parents) when Sophie put a popsicle stick in the toilet and FLUSHED it!

Me: Sophie say sorry to Grammy.

Sophie (grunting): uh uhhhhhhhhhh

Me (losing patience): Sophie say sorry!

Sophie: uh uhhhhhhhhhhh

Me (Hoping someone from DCFS isn't listening): Sophie just say the words "Sorry Grammy" for heaven sakes.

Sophie (defiantly): I already did.

Me (flabbergasted): No you didn't! I am standing right here and never heard it.

Sophie (adamantly): That's because I said it in SPANISH!!!!

Who knew that at four she had become bilingual? Now how can you ever get mad at that?

Photo Tag

So I got blog photo tagged over the weekend. This si quite fun acutally. Acess your own picure folders on your computer. Go to your fourth folder and find your fourth picture in said folder. If you do not have that many folders do two and then two. Then post that picture on your blog. So here is mine.

This is me at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe two years ago. Anyone trhat truly knows me, knows that I am addicted to Hard Rcok Cafe. LOVE IT.
Now it iis your turn, post your own pic on your blog and leave a comment here so that we can all go look at it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stampin Samples

People ask me to post art work on my blog all the time. They want to see what projects I am working on when I am not traveling. To be honest, I do not get a lot of time to stamp when I am not traveling. I am Daddy to 3 energetic, priceless souls, (10,7, and 4), a soccer coach, local Miss America Pageant Director, and I am addicted to spending time in my yard. So I don't get a great deal of time to create. But here are a few projects I have been working on for all the stampers out there.

I use Stampin' Up products almost exclusively because I find they have almost everything that I need. This is using the Gratuitous Graffiti background stamp, and the Flower Fancy stamp. I used Craft Ink for the watercoloring to get a more vibrant look than classic inks.

Here's another project that was way easy to put together:
Two quick and easy 4x4 notecards. Used Pink Pirouette cardstock and Seriously Sassy stamp set, rhinestone brads and pearls, adhere with mini glue dots. EASY. I don't like projects that take a long time because I don't have a lot of time.

Let me know what you think......

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahhhhhh Halloween!!

I have to admit to LOVING Halloween- not the dark stuff, but the fun you get from dressing up in interesting costumes and , well, generally making complete fools out of ourselves. I love it! At work we dress up every year and make it a big deal. Here are pics of some of my faves from the past.

The Flying Elvi- we all made Elvis costumes
Clue- we each dressed a a different character

You can click on any of these to make them larger.
I can't wait to add a few pics from this year.
DO YOU HAVE ANY HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS? if so, please share them with all of us.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is pictures that speak for themselves or even with all the speaking in the world it could not explain the picture at all. With that said..........

Friday, October 10, 2008

To quote a line from Monty Python:

"I'm not dead yet"!!!! And that is the good news. HOLY COW that P90X is an AWESOME workout. You don't even realize how much you have worked out until you try to get out of bed the next morning! :) Maybe that is my age coming through now? UGH.

I can tell that the next 90 days are going to be intense but worth it. On another note, the Power Yoga last night....what the.....? As far as flexibility goes, I can barely bend over and touch my own knees versus my toes or the floor for that matter!!!! :)

Tonights workout is DAY 5: Legs, Back, and the Ab Ripper- sounds daunting and perhaps slightly cripling! :)

Saturday is Kenpo and then Sunday(praise the Lord) is my rest day- no workout, and perhaps a pop Tart and Diet Coke for good behavior.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Calling all pallbearers.........

I am about to embark on something tonight (and for the next 90 days) that could possibly be the end of me. That's right.. i am talking about my mortal enemy....exercise. (What am I doing!!!!) A non-exerciser married to a avid exerciser is just embarrasing. TW has been jogging almost daily this past year and does a big run (she calls it a big run, i call it a death wish) of about 14 miles on Saturday's. UGH! She is getting fit, and I am making sure that our great TV does not go to waste. And to my credit i am doing a VERY good job. Besides maybe I am staying completely out of shape to help her feel better about herself.. yeah right!

So tonight I start the "P90X" workouts:

So in the off chance that I actually make it through the workout tonight and can walk tomorrow, or for that matter at all this week- then I will let you know how it goes.

In the mean time friends---get the ice packs, ben gay and hot pads ready!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am calling for a boycott...... 90210.

My friends, I am calling for a boycott of the new 90210 series. There are many impressionable teenage girls watching this show and seeing actresses that are WAY TOO THIN!! Because young women look to these actresses as role models, I am calling for a boycott of the show until we see pictures posted on line of each of the girls eating a Big Mac, PLUS they each need to put on at least 10 pounds. Until they do, i will not watch this show again! Feel free to join me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Call me Crazy but we LOVE this book

I have a book that was given to me a few years ago by some friends that know of my absolute love for funny gag gifts and white elephant gifts. it is called " The Gas We Pass". It is a very detailed book about how and why our bodies create gas. I bring this up only because yesterday our 3 year old gave me a very discriptive version of "Old McDonald had to poo". It was hilarious.

Here is the book (you will love it):

And not to be disgusting, but if you ever want to laugh more than you have ever laughed then ready this book aloud with friends. I have this one too and always get a migraine from laughing so hard when Teresa and I read it!!

There is a whole series of these books, and while they are supposed to be great children's books, they also make great adult laughter!!!! So I challenge you this week to pick up this book and read it without laughing!
Do you have other books that you love to read and laugh through? If so add them in a comment for us all to enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Party hat for Baby "D"

People ask me all the time if I do any crafting outside of work. Well once in awhile I get a request from a family member to "throw" something together for them. I normally do not take requests....but for family, I just can't say no to the people I love.

Well my niece Baby "D" turned one this weekend and I was asked to make her a party hat. Here is what I came up with. It uses mostly Stampin' Up! product (DSP, chipboard letter covered with heat and stick and glitter, pearls from pretties kit) the fur boa came from a craft store. Hope you enjoy. If you have any great party supply ideas that you want to share as well (invitations, decor etc.) , just respond back and put a link to your blog in the comments.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Olympic Rant... The Anthem

Ok so I have turned into an absolute Olympic junkie. I can't even comprehend howI continue going without much sleep right now! UGH! But I LOVE the Olympic Games. There have been so many awesome experiences this time that just give me a real patriotism boost. However, (I feel a rant coming on) I have noticed that not many American athletes know the words to the national Anthem. Sure they start to mouth them but what on earth are the words they are singing? :) I'm watching their mouths and it is NOT the Anthem that I know :) I swear one guy was just saying the word watermelon over and over!
I have watched other countries athletes win and sing their own national anthems with such pride. It is an awesome site. We need to make it a prerequisite for athletes to memorize the anthem before they are allowed to compete. Perhaps they get a little quiz right before the step up the diving board ladder or before they are even allowed to mount a gymnastics aparatus!!!!!
Now I need to close by saying how truly impressed I was with the USA Women's rowing team that took the GOLD. They all stood on the podium and everyone of them sang the USA Anthem so loud that the camera picked them up! It almost brought a little tear to my eye! They didn't care if they could sing well or not. They cared about winning a Gold for them AND their country and showing that with their Anthem show. It was beautiful.
So I call on all parents to teach your children your country's national anthem. ( I make mine sing along each time our coutry wins a gold medal). They are getting good practice thanks to all those talented athletes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE summer

Shannon (my co-worker) wanted us all to write our top ten reasons we are excited to be done with summer. To which I could only say....What the?????? NO WAY can I write about the close of summer. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some of that winter.... but summer is my favorite by far. So here are the reasons I love summer and don't want it to end:
10) End of summer means school starts again, and even though I am no longer in school I still get a little anxiety when it is about to start.
9) Playing in the sprinklers with the kids.
8) I LOVE my flower garden. Ugh! I hate to see it all die back at the close of summer. It is more than I can bear... all of that hardwork.
7) My neighbors dog does a LOT of #2's on my grass. Now that I could do without. But what is fun about it (stay with me here) is making a game out of throwing it back in their yard. 5 points for their lawn, 10 points for their walkway, and 100 points for their porch. Hey it is not my dog!!!! You reap what you (and your dog) sew!
6) Awesome movies always come out in the summer.
5) Hiking on our beautiful mountain trails.
4) Body image- I am a little more concious of taking care of my body in the summer incase a passerby sees me mowing my lawn without my shirt on. However, when summer is over......bring back my beloved Poptarts.
3) I don't watch as much TV (My sweet TW will say this is not true-but it is). Because it stays late longer, there is so many outside activities we can do.
2) SOCCER season! As the coach, I love it, love it, love it!
1) Sun. The sun makes me happy- I would stay in it all day everyday if I could get a guarantee that I would not ever look like Bob Barker or George Hamilton.

NOW YOU WRITE: What do you LOVE about the summer months.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Stampin' Up! Convention 2008 SLC

I am finally getting back to normal life now that our Convention is over! Holy cow! I was so tired after Covention this year that I felt I should hibernate for a few months and get some sleep. The excitement and anticipation of Convention, new products, announcements and presentations makes it so I can hardly sleep at all!!!

I LOVED this year's Convention more than any other one ( I probably say that every year- but I mean it this year). What a great fun time we had celebrating all of our amazing, fabulous demonstrators all over the world. I love our demos! They are the greatest people in the world.

I have tried over and over to explain to my kids what I do for a living. How do you explain geting up on stage and stamping in front of 6000 women and 3 men :) Well, the kids got to come down to the Salt Palace and see me present on the maainstage. It was awesome. There they were on the front row, my little chickens and Teresa!! Everytime I saw them on the big camera screen I almost got a little teary. SOOOOOO cute. Of course I threatened to take away everything they own if they ran around all over the place :) As any good parent would. On the way home in the car Coltin asked his mom "Is Daddy famous mom?" HA HA HA HA HA - "Only one week a year sweetie!"- she said. It is good to shrink that big head of mine!

So what was your favorite part of Convention??? I am dying to know all the things that you just LOVED?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't BUG me.........(not intended to offend anyone)

I know it has been awhile so I promise to make this one worth it. I am getting ready for our HUGE convention in Salt Lake City!! WAHOOOOO! I am completely beside myself with stress, and also anticipation.

For today I want us all to discuss things that just absolutely BUG us! Trust me-- this can be very fun.

So here are my big gripes for the day:

1) Wal-mart lines: seriously people, you are busy at the same time every single day yet you only have two stands open and one of them is a new trainee? What the???..... My tip for you is to always check to see if there is someone in jewelry. They will ring you up there most of the time.

2) Again with the Wal-Mart: but my gripe is for the people that are there after 11:00 PM and have their KIDS with them. And they are always yelling at their kids to not whine and to shut it! Parents please, your children are TIRED and should be home in their bed waiting for the tooth fairy to come. Now there is ONE exception and that is people that go there at 5:00 but are still waiting in the TWO open lines to check out.

3) This will be my LAST regrading Wal-mart. But they took away those great music listening stations in the CD area. I like to know what i am buying before I Purchase it. Plus sometimes I am just chep and just want to HEAR a song and not OWN the song.

4) This is not about Wal-mart but many people that shop there. There is absolutely no reason to stand at the Guitar Hero station and play for three hours at a time. it is almost always a fully grown man, with several children that he keeps telling to shut up, plus it is after 11: pm (see above). Sir- maybe you should save some aluminum cans and buy one, or go home and read a book to your children.

5) People that DO NOT wash their hands coming out of the restroom. It is not like we dont know what you were just doing in there. But you can forget about all high fives and knuckle bumps for the rest of the day pal. My sanatized hands are off limits to you. Oh and leave the magazine at your desk please! What's next? Will you take in a picnic basket and make a day of it? You are not going for a drive in the country- you are going to the bathroom!!!

6) People that go to work when they are sick. SERIOUSLY? Because you are feeling ill do you think we ALL need to feel ill? (to my co-workers I know I broke my own rule this week but to be fair... I never threw up AT work!!!!!) :)

7) Ugly Parade floats- GASP! There is nothing worse (expect numbers 1-6) I am a director of a local Miss America pageant and our float this year is pathetic. I need to post a pic. Pieces have fallen off, broken, the float engine broke down in the first parade. One element is held on by a bungee cord. That right... a BUNGEE cord. I LOVE a good parade... but I HATE an ugly float.

8) Diet coke prices- UGH $1.39 for a small bottle now? It is not made out of gasoline is it? Maybe my blog needs to turn to my next attempt to go off caffeine all together. WHAT? did someone just take over my body and write that??????

9) people that smoke in cars with children in their car seats. Not that I would like it if they weren't in car seats...that is a whole other story. I don't care if the windows are slightly cracked. That just tells me that the smoke is just slightly going in your kids lungs. Adults have the right to smoke- I do believe that- however I do not believe in making that choice for the minors in YOUR car.

10) So you went to BYU- big deal. So you went to UTAH big deal. I dont care and I don't want to hear about the rivalry in every single conversation anyone in the state of Utah has. (BTW I did graduate from one of those schools- and i STILL don't care) Do you think anyone that went to an IVY league school ever sits around and talks about BYU beating the U or the U beating BYU? No- and you know why- because people DONT CARE! And I certainly do NOT want to see your stupid bumper sticker showing a cartoon character "peeing" on BYU or on the U of U.

I have soooo many more, but I need to save that for my next post. So now write your biggest gripes so we can all get a good laugh at what really bugs all of us!!! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bachelorette- What the.....

If you are watching The Bachelorette this year then you may understand what this rant will be about, and please feel free to add.
But seriously, does De Anna really need to cry in every single episode? UGH! You know how people get that really weird "cry face" well this girl has definitely got one. I enjoy watching the show but find myself making those fake gagging faces every time the water works starts up.
Am I just totally insensitive or is anyone else getting a bit weary of the tears?

How are you rooting for on the Bachelorette? Graham (too bad), Jeremy, Jason or Jesse? I myself am totally cheering on Jason- even though I think DeAnna could walk all over him?

Respond with your vote, and why, and we will compare notes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My HAPPY Father's Day!

What a GREAT Father's Day I had. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful children, not to say that if they were not so beautiful that i would love them any less! They are my kids and I love em'. Here are the picks of my special day and thoughts about each of my little chickens.
This is my little peanut Sophie. She is so sweet and tender and hugable...unless you cross her path unexpectedly then you better watch out. She can hold her own. (She is constantly having to fight off her siblings) Sometimes you think she is going in for a sweet kiss and you get a slap instead. Oh well it is worth it. She is a princess!
This one is my sweet, sweet "Moo", Malorie. She has such a sweet nature to her. Always willing to help and always up for a big squeeze. She loves to cuddle up and watch American Idol together. Plus she is the sweetest big sister ever. Especially when she looks up with her toothless little smile. I melt. She also LOVES to smother her face with lip gloss! She is a diva. I find it very difficult to ever tell her no! UGH! I am doomed.

My little twin "Tito", Coltin- What a ladies man. He is devilishly handsome, witty, a brilliant little mathematician (gets that from his mother) and quite a soccer player. Would stay in the shower all day long if the hot water didn't run out. He is smart which is great, unless he feels the need to correct you when you have spoken incorrectly about something :) He is my best little man!

I have been blessed greatly (though I find I am having to remind myself of that more and more as they get older and even more sassy)!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NEW!!!! Top Ten Tuesday

Has a week gone by already? It is Top Ten Tuesday again. In the spirit of the great political experience we have happening in the USA right now, Today's top ten will be:

Top Ten Vice-Presidential Candidates

10. Bob Barker - we would even let him carry around an ultra-skinny microphone to speak into at all times, supply him with mega bronzer, and have his name announced every time he "comes on down" to a legislative session.

9. Tyra Banks- Everytime they asked her for a comment she would just simply reply "That is FIERCE"!

8. Mike Tyson- If the President, or anyone else, gets out of line he can just bite them.

7. Jeff Gordon- everytime a bill was passed he would spray down everyone on the Senate floor with champagne to celebrate.

6. Martha Stewart- the Capitol Building will get a well deserved make over with all the extra time she has (everyone knows the VP doesn't do much anyway-kidding). Perhaps she could make themed rooms in the whtte house like a jungle room, french cottage, or an old mining lodge and then rent out the rooms to guest. Oh wait- that last idea was already done by the Clinton's.

5. Simon Cowell- because he would have no problem telling the President when he is being "an idiot", "unbearable", "the worst ever", "annoying", or "absolutely dreadful". And he would just look away and not feel like he had to apologize for it.

4. Elmer Fudd- because he carries a gun too and could just as easily take a shot at his good buddies like Dick Cheney did.

3. Oprah Winfrey- it is inevitable, she is taking over the world anyway. So why not give her another channel to do so. (no hate mail here, I quite like Oprah)

2. Ellen De Generes- because this country needs a good laugh from time to time. Wouldn't she be great to send to other countries to negotiate us and others out of war.

1. Warren Jeffs- he seems to be keeping thousands of women quite happy on the YFZ ranch. Why not let him take a stab at keeping the rest of the nation happy too. Plus he would have to work for some of the money he is currently making off of the government.

Anyway, it is all meant in good fun. Feel free to leave me a comment with a few names that you would include -even though most of you won't :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

My brilliant work pal Shannon started a Top Ten Tuesday on her blog. I am totally going to steal, I mean, add to that idea. I missed it yesterday but I am going to throw it on here today. Drum roll please....

10. NBA play off's- not as fun without my jazz, but still exciting to watch

9. Funniest Home Videos- especially the clips where people get hurt. I know that is sick, but if you are also honest with yourself, then you know that those ones are much more funny. And sadly- even when older people fall- I am sick -what is wrong with me???

8. One Tree Hill- A teen-ish show

7. Bachelor/ Bachelorette

6. Dancing with the Stars- loved this season the most- Kristi Yamaguchi rocks.

5. Gossip Girl- another teen show. I need help!

4. American Idol- best season yet

3. So You Think You Can Dance- except for the guy that danced in his "skivies" last week.

2. Brothers & Sisters- I love this crazy little family. So much drama, hilarious moments, family bonding. Slightly reminds me of my own family. But we just might have it a little more together than them.

1. America's next Top Model- How can you go wrong with this show. Loved that Whitney won this year (see my first blog entry).

Feel free to comment back and add your favorite shows!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Short people got.......

For those that do know me, I take great pride in my home decorating abilities. I change paint colors often and have been known to sew new pilows for the couches more than once. I don't really know how to sew, but I try. Perhaps the fact that the last ones I made are basically dsintagrating at the seam is a sign I may need to read the sewing machine manual before trying again.

Anywho, as I said I take great pride in my home. All the pictures are hung just so, every decoration has a specific place and a specific reason for being there. I don't like bare walls, they need to be dressed up. So we have a few wall hangings in most rooms of the house.

Recently, a friend came over to the house and had a very interesting question. He wondered why we put our pictures so low on the walls. I did not know what he meant so he explained that the picture groupings seemed to be lower then normal on the walls. He said he thought they were supposed to be just above eye level. Then thinking about it broke into laughter. You see, I am 5 foot 5 inches tall... or short! So too me, all of the pictures are just above eye level. For that matter so are all of the sinks, counters, cupboards...... :)

A very funny experience that I thought all could enjoy..... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

P.S. All pictures have been moved up a few inches on the walls!!!

I am exhausted.... Shannon

At work I am priveledged to sit next to "The Great Shannon" - at least that is what she makes me call her. She is eccentric, hilarious, and well, TOTALLY on one this week! Yes Shannon, that is right. I have kept quiet all week long, but alas.... no more!!!

So I send out a messgae to all.... be kind to your co-workers come Monday morning or they just may write about YOU on THEIR blog!! :) Love ya Shanny

I really do enjoy sitting by Shannon and hope for many, many more years of office fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PLUS SIZE???? What the....

Today I am going to rant about one of my favorite shows, America's Next Top Model. I have really enjoyed watching this seasons episodes. However, I grew more and more outraged by a label they kept using to describe one of my favorite models, Whitney. They called her "PLUS SIZE". You may be saying what is wrong with that. Perhaps you should not have asked because here I go: Whitney is a size ten. Yes that's right, a size TEN. When did that become plus size? I guess in a modeling world where girls starve themselves to look more like 12 year old little boys- that would be considered plus size. I am outraged. This "full figured" girl, who by the way did end up winning, was stunningly beautiful and modeled clothes that looked fit and tailored instead of just draped over a body of bones. I have two daughters that also like to watch the show. I take every opportunity to let them know that most of the girls are not taking care of their bodies, and that men like women who have at least a little bit of meat on their bones!! :) Wow for a first post this was quite serious- especially for me. Stay tuned for more great rants and ravings in the near future!