Monday, August 31, 2009

Uppercase Living AWESOME deal

So Uppercase Living is running a promotion right now that I wanted to tell all my closest friends about. I don't always put stuff like this on my blog but this one is honestly, too good to pass up.
The promotion is the Buy Two, Get One FREE!!!!!! Holy cow. Purchase any two items from August 5 to September 10 and you’ll get an additional item of equal or lesser value free. The best part is that it can be ANY item Uppercase Living offers such as the new Fall/Winter
accessories, expressions and embellishments, Chalk Wall kits and theme packs, or even a MyDesign Suite™ custom expression. Plus there is no limit to the number of FREE items
you can get! Seriously? Told you it was too good to pass up!!
If you want more information just go to Don't forget this promo ends on September 10th so you better hurry.

Monday, August 24, 2009

OH FINE... I will update!

Thanks for waiting patiently for me to post again. Wow, life got crazy for a moment but I have a minute to update.

August 21st was my bday! What fun. My UL peeps took me to breakfast at IHOP and I advised them I only had one birthday request: It was for everyone to take motorboating pictures while we were at IHOP. For motorboating you take a picture while you are breathing out through your mouth like a horse; you know- while your lips are just a flappin'. Thank you mates for obliging me. Here are the pics (please don't be mad):
Rachel /Amanda
Katie /Brandi
Lisa /Christina
And one of my sweet Tito (Coltin). I swear his mouth was made for these. I find pictures that he has taken of himself on my camera and cell phone EVERY day!