Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow? NO!!!!!!

I just can't do this yet. I am NOT ready for winter to be here. Where have you gone summer? I will count down the days until I see you again.
Currently it is only 34 degrees and I cannot stand it. Here is the view from my office windows today:

Ugh!! I hope to see the sun soon or I am going on a trip to Texas. (I was there last week visiting our awesome demonstrtors there and the weather was perfect!!!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Trip...Washington/Oregon

To say that Washington and Oregon are beautiful states would be a gross understatement. If you live there, you are lucky! What stunning scenery, all of the time. Here are a few pics from my last business trip there:
The road from Spokane to Seattle. Ok, so not all of Washington is full of trees.

Soon the scenery turned into this:

I was driving through the Cascade Mountains and came upon the coolest little village in the mountains called Leavenworth. It was well worth the drive to Seattle. The whole place looks like an old Bavarian town. It was amazing. The Hat Shop was my favorite. It was filled with thousand of hats and everyone was wildly trying them on and taking pictures and laughing. I need to own a place like this that brings so much joy to people.

It was getting late so I had to head out to Seattle and finish my drive through Steven's Pass in the Cascade Mountains. Wouldn't you know just as I was laughing about the fact it was going to snow back home, I ran into a snow storm of my own rolling through the canyons. I was the nut pulling off the road every twenty feet to get an even better picture. Sorry Washington drivers! (BTW- you are not very friendly drivers I might add) :)

Me at the Public Market Center (duh) in Seattle. Everyone was buying flowers because they are so cheap. I bought some too even though I had nowhere to put them but in the car. Oh well! And the famous Pike's Fish Market where they literally throw fish from one worker to the next. It was awesome. So glad PETA wasn't there that day :)

Jimi Hendrix grave/memorial in Renton, WA. I didn't really follow the dude's music but the concierge at the hotel said it was a must. Sorry dude in the back for posting you on my blog. I waited ten minutes for you to even flinch and you didn't so you are on the blog now mate.

I also got to see the sites of the filiming of Goonies (Astoria, Cannon Beach OR) and the Roloff Farm from Big People Little World in Hillsboro, OR. The mom was even outside at the farm. No pun intended but does life get much bigger than this? HA. As soon as I download the pics I will post them.