Monday, July 20, 2009

Draper Idol

I ran for Draper Idol this last week. I have never been more scared in my life I swear. I am up there on the stage with all these high school aged kids. How intimidating. I sang Feeling Good by Michael Buble' and then This is the Moment from Jekyl and Hyde. It was a good experience. I was the Second Runner-up. (I call it sceond loser for fun!!!) One of the judges told me I would have won if I had sung younger songs? What the? He told me I should try rock songs. HA- me singing rock songs, now that is funny. Anyway here are some pics of the big event:

Thanks to my family, my boss Brandi, and awesome friends like the Sanovich's and Schraders for coming out to support me- it's good to have "peeps"

Winder Weekend

Last weekend the Winder's got together for our annual Winder Weeked. My parents, brother and sisters and their familes all met in St George Utah. It was fabulous. The guys went golfing one morning, so this girls went the next morning for pedicures. It was AWESOME. Of course it was a sweltering heat the whole time of about 105 degrees. I was LOVING the heat but I am pretty sure I was the only one. Thank heaven there was a pool that we rarely got out of. Here is some pics: