Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

My brilliant work pal Shannon started a Top Ten Tuesday on her blog. I am totally going to steal, I mean, add to that idea. I missed it yesterday but I am going to throw it on here today. Drum roll please....

10. NBA play off's- not as fun without my jazz, but still exciting to watch

9. Funniest Home Videos- especially the clips where people get hurt. I know that is sick, but if you are also honest with yourself, then you know that those ones are much more funny. And sadly- even when older people fall- I am sick -what is wrong with me???

8. One Tree Hill- A teen-ish show

7. Bachelor/ Bachelorette

6. Dancing with the Stars- loved this season the most- Kristi Yamaguchi rocks.

5. Gossip Girl- another teen show. I need help!

4. American Idol- best season yet

3. So You Think You Can Dance- except for the guy that danced in his "skivies" last week.

2. Brothers & Sisters- I love this crazy little family. So much drama, hilarious moments, family bonding. Slightly reminds me of my own family. But we just might have it a little more together than them.

1. America's next Top Model- How can you go wrong with this show. Loved that Whitney won this year (see my first blog entry).

Feel free to comment back and add your favorite shows!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Short people got.......

For those that do know me, I take great pride in my home decorating abilities. I change paint colors often and have been known to sew new pilows for the couches more than once. I don't really know how to sew, but I try. Perhaps the fact that the last ones I made are basically dsintagrating at the seam is a sign I may need to read the sewing machine manual before trying again.

Anywho, as I said I take great pride in my home. All the pictures are hung just so, every decoration has a specific place and a specific reason for being there. I don't like bare walls, they need to be dressed up. So we have a few wall hangings in most rooms of the house.

Recently, a friend came over to the house and had a very interesting question. He wondered why we put our pictures so low on the walls. I did not know what he meant so he explained that the picture groupings seemed to be lower then normal on the walls. He said he thought they were supposed to be just above eye level. Then thinking about it broke into laughter. You see, I am 5 foot 5 inches tall... or short! So too me, all of the pictures are just above eye level. For that matter so are all of the sinks, counters, cupboards...... :)

A very funny experience that I thought all could enjoy..... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

P.S. All pictures have been moved up a few inches on the walls!!!

I am exhausted.... Shannon

At work I am priveledged to sit next to "The Great Shannon" - at least that is what she makes me call her. She is eccentric, hilarious, and well, TOTALLY on one this week! Yes Shannon, that is right. I have kept quiet all week long, but alas.... no more!!!

So I send out a messgae to all.... be kind to your co-workers come Monday morning or they just may write about YOU on THEIR blog!! :) Love ya Shanny

I really do enjoy sitting by Shannon and hope for many, many more years of office fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PLUS SIZE???? What the....

Today I am going to rant about one of my favorite shows, America's Next Top Model. I have really enjoyed watching this seasons episodes. However, I grew more and more outraged by a label they kept using to describe one of my favorite models, Whitney. They called her "PLUS SIZE". You may be saying what is wrong with that. Perhaps you should not have asked because here I go: Whitney is a size ten. Yes that's right, a size TEN. When did that become plus size? I guess in a modeling world where girls starve themselves to look more like 12 year old little boys- that would be considered plus size. I am outraged. This "full figured" girl, who by the way did end up winning, was stunningly beautiful and modeled clothes that looked fit and tailored instead of just draped over a body of bones. I have two daughters that also like to watch the show. I take every opportunity to let them know that most of the girls are not taking care of their bodies, and that men like women who have at least a little bit of meat on their bones!! :) Wow for a first post this was quite serious- especially for me. Stay tuned for more great rants and ravings in the near future!