Friday, September 25, 2009

Traveling all over the place

First I have to say, I LOVE my new job at Uppercase Living. The people here in the office , and our demonstrators in the field are too cool for words. I have been out visting our Demonstrators in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. When you are driving along the highway this is what you can see:
Corn- and lot's of it!!
Middle of nowhere, IA

Here are other pics from the trips. They are all what I like to call "drive by pics" which means I didn't really stop to look much. I jumped out of the car snapped a pic and then jumped right back in.
The grave of THE John Deere. Still not sure why I went there:)
Moline, IL

Rolling through Nauvoo, IL
Carthage Jail

Springfield, IL
Abe Lincoln's home- An amazing man!

Chicago, IL
White Sox Stadium

The famous Chicago Theater

Millineum Park- where Obama gave is victory speech

The "Bean" sculpture in Millineum Park

Gary, IN-Michael Jackson's childhood home. Gary----is SCARY. I jumped out of the car, took a pic, and then jumped back in, peeled out of there and did not look back :) Seriously though, if you go there, take a gun!!! yikes

St. Louis
View of "The Arch" from my hotel room

Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play

There was a Tums factory right across the street from my hotel. Each time I walked outside it either smelled like mixed berries or spearmint. ick!

The Pageant theater, seemed so fitting so I took a pic

Good times. I will find a few obscure places on my next few trips. Can't wait. Sorry for not updating more frequently. You can see I have been traveling a bit. I'll try to do better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sophie Says...Bratz dolls

Just got back from a business trip and Sophie was telling me all about a Bratz doll she got for her birthday and said:
"They are called Bratz Dolls dad. But not because they are brats sometimes like Malorie and Coltin. It's just their name."
She gets and extra $100 in my will someday.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My little baby Sophie turned five this week! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend! So here is my Sophie Top Ten things I love about her:
  1. She is little!!! No surprise there.
  2. She loves to sing all day long.
  3. She says some of the strangest yet ridiculously funny things ever.
  4. She loves to be with Malorie.
  5. She has the cutest haircut, perfect for her.
  6. She comes into our room in the middle of the night and makes a bed on our floor without us knowing.
  7. She loves to play outside.
  8. She loves anything High School Musical
  9. She is learning how to play the piano.
  10. She is more than a blessing in our lives. God loved us enough to send her to us, and I will almost always be grateful for that even when she is a teen!