Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't BUG me.........(not intended to offend anyone)

I know it has been awhile so I promise to make this one worth it. I am getting ready for our HUGE convention in Salt Lake City!! WAHOOOOO! I am completely beside myself with stress, and also anticipation.

For today I want us all to discuss things that just absolutely BUG us! Trust me-- this can be very fun.

So here are my big gripes for the day:

1) Wal-mart lines: seriously people, you are busy at the same time every single day yet you only have two stands open and one of them is a new trainee? What the???..... My tip for you is to always check to see if there is someone in jewelry. They will ring you up there most of the time.

2) Again with the Wal-Mart: but my gripe is for the people that are there after 11:00 PM and have their KIDS with them. And they are always yelling at their kids to not whine and to shut it! Parents please, your children are TIRED and should be home in their bed waiting for the tooth fairy to come. Now there is ONE exception and that is people that go there at 5:00 but are still waiting in the TWO open lines to check out.

3) This will be my LAST regrading Wal-mart. But they took away those great music listening stations in the CD area. I like to know what i am buying before I Purchase it. Plus sometimes I am just chep and just want to HEAR a song and not OWN the song.

4) This is not about Wal-mart but many people that shop there. There is absolutely no reason to stand at the Guitar Hero station and play for three hours at a time. it is almost always a fully grown man, with several children that he keeps telling to shut up, plus it is after 11: pm (see above). Sir- maybe you should save some aluminum cans and buy one, or go home and read a book to your children.

5) People that DO NOT wash their hands coming out of the restroom. It is not like we dont know what you were just doing in there. But you can forget about all high fives and knuckle bumps for the rest of the day pal. My sanatized hands are off limits to you. Oh and leave the magazine at your desk please! What's next? Will you take in a picnic basket and make a day of it? You are not going for a drive in the country- you are going to the bathroom!!!

6) People that go to work when they are sick. SERIOUSLY? Because you are feeling ill do you think we ALL need to feel ill? (to my co-workers I know I broke my own rule this week but to be fair... I never threw up AT work!!!!!) :)

7) Ugly Parade floats- GASP! There is nothing worse (expect numbers 1-6) I am a director of a local Miss America pageant and our float this year is pathetic. I need to post a pic. Pieces have fallen off, broken, the float engine broke down in the first parade. One element is held on by a bungee cord. That right... a BUNGEE cord. I LOVE a good parade... but I HATE an ugly float.

8) Diet coke prices- UGH $1.39 for a small bottle now? It is not made out of gasoline is it? Maybe my blog needs to turn to my next attempt to go off caffeine all together. WHAT? did someone just take over my body and write that??????

9) people that smoke in cars with children in their car seats. Not that I would like it if they weren't in car seats...that is a whole other story. I don't care if the windows are slightly cracked. That just tells me that the smoke is just slightly going in your kids lungs. Adults have the right to smoke- I do believe that- however I do not believe in making that choice for the minors in YOUR car.

10) So you went to BYU- big deal. So you went to UTAH big deal. I dont care and I don't want to hear about the rivalry in every single conversation anyone in the state of Utah has. (BTW I did graduate from one of those schools- and i STILL don't care) Do you think anyone that went to an IVY league school ever sits around and talks about BYU beating the U or the U beating BYU? No- and you know why- because people DONT CARE! And I certainly do NOT want to see your stupid bumper sticker showing a cartoon character "peeing" on BYU or on the U of U.

I have soooo many more, but I need to save that for my next post. So now write your biggest gripes so we can all get a good laugh at what really bugs all of us!!! :)