Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sophie Says......

This little Sophie Says insert is a little different than the others because this one made me realize that I should probably go on a diet soon. Everyone knows that kids do not have a filter, they just say whatever comes to mind. So here is my sweet conversation with my Sophie monkey. First of all let me say that we were hugging and having a very tender moment when she pulled her head back from my belly and looked right at it and said:
"Whoa, look at you."
Then she put her hands on my stomach and pushed in and said:
"Daddy, your belly is puffy."
Puffy? Puffy? Well I never.......
Guess I will have to stop posting all of my favorite treats and instead talk about different vegetables I like to eat. Just doesn't seem as exciting. However, my dear friend Linda Hansen is doing a bit of weight loss of her own right now and is a great example to me. So I guess I better try to step it up a little bit and get rid of some of this "puff".
So today I am sending love out to all my "puffy" friends.
Your friend,

Friday, June 26, 2009

A new Favorite treat

The girls here at the office know the BEST places around to get a good treat. While I will never give up my Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookies, I have found a close second. It is this great store called Nothing Bundt Cakes. Per the name, they specialize in bundt cakes that I swear on all I own, literally melt in your mouth. Here is a pic:This pic does not do it justice. But the taste does! I swear I have gained about ten pounds since starting my awesome new job at Uppercase Living. Better hit the gym on the way home today. I'll take the route that takes me right past this bakery. Hope they are open!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sophie Says.....

Yesterday we were sitting in church and Sophie was itching her arm like crazy down on the inside of her arm by her elbow. She gets a bit of eczema there and it itches terribly when she does. I immediately pulled out some lotion from our bag and put it on my little one's arm. She said it still itched so I had her bend her arm and pull it up to her chest so the inside of the arm was shut (does that even make sense, good grief?)
In a very loud voice Sophie says:
"Hey Dad, Look! My arm looks just like a bum."
Then she starts pinching her arm like a grandma would pinch a grandchilds cheek and says loudly:
"Oh you cute little bum, you are just a cutie pie."
How can she not know that she is so dang funny????

Friday, June 5, 2009

My First Uppercase Living Project

I have official finished my first Uppercase Living project and I am happy to announce that it took me about 3 minutes to complete. Honest Pete, it really only took that long. I wanted to put some awesome welcome vinyl on the front door of our home. So here is a picture of my first project:

I am absolutely a color match freak when it comes to decorating in our house. So imagine how happy I was that with Uppercase Living vinyl I can customize not just the fonts, but also the COLOR that I needed from one of 34 colors. Crazy! I chose the color Warm Stone because I wanted it to match perfectly to the colored stucco around the door frame. Putting it on was a breeze because this vinyl had line guides on all sides to help me line it up straight and centered- hence why it took me all of three minutes to complete this. Next I think I will try their customizable vinyl and put "except solicitors" under the welcome!!! Take that cable guy! :)
Can't wait to enjoy the weekend with the family....
Your Friend,

Monday, June 1, 2009

The new job

Well I have been at the new job now for almost a week and finally I have time in my life to post about it. I am working for an awesome company called Uppercase Living. Some of you are probably familiar with them. They are all about vinyl decorative lettering and images that help you personalize your home. I am new so my explanation probably leaves you with more questions than I can answer. So here is their website where you can read all about them. http://www.uppercaseliving.com/ I really like this company so far. They have treated me very well since arriving here. The company ia run by really great people. My team has taken me in and immediately made me feel like I was part of them. So today I brought in my favorite treat for them.....Beyond Glaze Doughnuts. Here is a pic before we devoured the box:

I only share these for the favorite people in my life, so that tells you how much I love this new company. I can't wait to show you projects I am creating with their products. I feel very blessed to be with this company and can't wait to present at their events. And for my Stampin' Up! friends out there, we CAN still remain friends. I will still be posting cards and projects that I work on with SU products and still want to hear about and celebrate your successes! And hopefully I can attend an event here and there as a guest so that I can see you all sometime as well.
Your friend,