Friday, May 23, 2008

I am exhausted.... Shannon

At work I am priveledged to sit next to "The Great Shannon" - at least that is what she makes me call her. She is eccentric, hilarious, and well, TOTALLY on one this week! Yes Shannon, that is right. I have kept quiet all week long, but alas.... no more!!!

So I send out a messgae to all.... be kind to your co-workers come Monday morning or they just may write about YOU on THEIR blog!! :) Love ya Shanny

I really do enjoy sitting by Shannon and hope for many, many more years of office fun.


Vanessa said...

That Shannon! I have some really great HS pics of her, if you need some black mail!

Shannon said...

How many times do I have to tell you--it's "The Fabulous Shannon!" And you totally lied--you said it was only the last 3 days!

Sorry. I was just so exhausted this week, coming off of my fabulous cruise. I'll be better next week. And V--are you sure you even want to go there? :)

kkcc said...

I like shannon. that's all.

Patty Bennett said...

I will have to remember that appropriate title when emailing Shannon from now on .. LOL.
LOVE your new blog, Jaron.. but OH MY GOSH>>> the dots on your background are making me cross-eyed.. maybe it's just cuz my eyes are getting old. LOL Patty