Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

My brilliant work pal Shannon started a Top Ten Tuesday on her blog. I am totally going to steal, I mean, add to that idea. I missed it yesterday but I am going to throw it on here today. Drum roll please....

10. NBA play off's- not as fun without my jazz, but still exciting to watch

9. Funniest Home Videos- especially the clips where people get hurt. I know that is sick, but if you are also honest with yourself, then you know that those ones are much more funny. And sadly- even when older people fall- I am sick -what is wrong with me???

8. One Tree Hill- A teen-ish show

7. Bachelor/ Bachelorette

6. Dancing with the Stars- loved this season the most- Kristi Yamaguchi rocks.

5. Gossip Girl- another teen show. I need help!

4. American Idol- best season yet

3. So You Think You Can Dance- except for the guy that danced in his "skivies" last week.

2. Brothers & Sisters- I love this crazy little family. So much drama, hilarious moments, family bonding. Slightly reminds me of my own family. But we just might have it a little more together than them.

1. America's next Top Model- How can you go wrong with this show. Loved that Whitney won this year (see my first blog entry).

Feel free to comment back and add your favorite shows!


Lisa said...

Great Top Ten! I am also a huge fan of some the ones you listed. I love Brothers and Sisters, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, DWTS, oh the list goes on and on.

Shannon said...

I love it that we have so many shows in common! I'll just list my top 5 since I have limited space:
1) SYTYCDance
2) Life
3) Brothers and Sisters
4) Moonlight (still mourning)
5) Gossip Girl

Randilee said...

great list! I have to add one- What Not to Wear. What a huge difference a structured jacket can make!

SYTYCDance is my #1. Anyone who has ever said dance is not a sport, has not seen this show.