Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am calling for a boycott...... 90210.

My friends, I am calling for a boycott of the new 90210 series. There are many impressionable teenage girls watching this show and seeing actresses that are WAY TOO THIN!! Because young women look to these actresses as role models, I am calling for a boycott of the show until we see pictures posted on line of each of the girls eating a Big Mac, PLUS they each need to put on at least 10 pounds. Until they do, i will not watch this show again! Feel free to join me!


Kim Ryden said...

I think this is where parents need to do their job. I mean, I know that everyone doesn't have great parents but can instill good self esteem in your children so that they can watch these shows and think that their bodies are ok too.

Also...there are some people that just can't gain weight...these girls might be some of them. You never know.

All I know is that when I was a teenager I was never allowed to watch the original 90210 and I'm not sure that it's appropriate for teens that would be easily influenced with weight issues, or sex, or many other things that are being shown on 90210 now!

In other news...will you be in KC this weekend?

Lisa said...

I agree they are way to thin. It is gross.

Lindsie said...

Sorry Jas! I can't join the boycott. I am already too addicted to the show!

Shannon said...

i am already boycotting--but for my own reasons (the show is lame). well actually the #1 reason is it overlaps w/the biggest loser. People mag says Annie weighs 90 lbs. and i know "the news" would never lie. so i'm in on the boycot!

tatum said...

besides that, they show is L.A.M.E. even though i used to be a loyal watcher back in the day! =)