Friday, September 12, 2008

Call me Crazy but we LOVE this book

I have a book that was given to me a few years ago by some friends that know of my absolute love for funny gag gifts and white elephant gifts. it is called " The Gas We Pass". It is a very detailed book about how and why our bodies create gas. I bring this up only because yesterday our 3 year old gave me a very discriptive version of "Old McDonald had to poo". It was hilarious.

Here is the book (you will love it):

And not to be disgusting, but if you ever want to laugh more than you have ever laughed then ready this book aloud with friends. I have this one too and always get a migraine from laughing so hard when Teresa and I read it!!

There is a whole series of these books, and while they are supposed to be great children's books, they also make great adult laughter!!!! So I challenge you this week to pick up this book and read it without laughing!
Do you have other books that you love to read and laugh through? If so add them in a comment for us all to enjoy!!


tatum said...

i agree, the funniest book i have ever read! 5 stars....

The Price's Wife said...

Ever hear of "Everyone Poops?" Now THAT is a great read.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Hi. This is your old pal from American Express a little over 10 years ago.

Please email me at

Or go here.

Shannon said...

my favorite book is the paper bag princess--if you read it you will have no doubt as to why. i cannot summarize properly so maybe i will just have to steal it from zoey and bring it into work one day. :)

Shannon said...

i forgot my other one: the Fancy Nancy series. :)