Thursday, June 19, 2008

My HAPPY Father's Day!

What a GREAT Father's Day I had. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful children, not to say that if they were not so beautiful that i would love them any less! They are my kids and I love em'. Here are the picks of my special day and thoughts about each of my little chickens.
This is my little peanut Sophie. She is so sweet and tender and hugable...unless you cross her path unexpectedly then you better watch out. She can hold her own. (She is constantly having to fight off her siblings) Sometimes you think she is going in for a sweet kiss and you get a slap instead. Oh well it is worth it. She is a princess!
This one is my sweet, sweet "Moo", Malorie. She has such a sweet nature to her. Always willing to help and always up for a big squeeze. She loves to cuddle up and watch American Idol together. Plus she is the sweetest big sister ever. Especially when she looks up with her toothless little smile. I melt. She also LOVES to smother her face with lip gloss! She is a diva. I find it very difficult to ever tell her no! UGH! I am doomed.

My little twin "Tito", Coltin- What a ladies man. He is devilishly handsome, witty, a brilliant little mathematician (gets that from his mother) and quite a soccer player. Would stay in the shower all day long if the hot water didn't run out. He is smart which is great, unless he feels the need to correct you when you have spoken incorrectly about something :) He is my best little man!

I have been blessed greatly (though I find I am having to remind myself of that more and more as they get older and even more sassy)!!


tatum said...

yes, happy father's day, the slap instead of the kiss is classic! =)

Marci said...

Cool blog, Jaron! I love the photos of you and the kids - so cute! You really do have extra cute kids.

Lisa said...

Cute Pictures. Your kids are so dang cute!