Monday, November 17, 2008

My SWEET little Sophie

Miss Sophie (4) is our youngest, she has a personality like none other in our family. Sweet one minute but can turn on you without any notice. She keeps us on our toes. Here is a conversation that will help you see what I am taking about.

You should know that we were visitng Grammy and Papa (my parents) when Sophie put a popsicle stick in the toilet and FLUSHED it!

Me: Sophie say sorry to Grammy.

Sophie (grunting): uh uhhhhhhhhhh

Me (losing patience): Sophie say sorry!

Sophie: uh uhhhhhhhhhhh

Me (Hoping someone from DCFS isn't listening): Sophie just say the words "Sorry Grammy" for heaven sakes.

Sophie (defiantly): I already did.

Me (flabbergasted): No you didn't! I am standing right here and never heard it.

Sophie (adamantly): That's because I said it in SPANISH!!!!

Who knew that at four she had become bilingual? Now how can you ever get mad at that?


tatum said...

haha! that is going to be my new excuse, good one sophie. =)

The Price's Wife said...

You guys make beautiful babies. Seriously. They're so pretty it's ridiculous.

Lynn said...

Jaron - You have such gorgeous children! The cute story cracked me! ;-)

I wanted you to know that you totally made my day by posting on my blog! How exciting to have a SU! celebrity visit my page and say such nice things! I also wanted you to know that you helped me with my album. I wasn't lucky enough to be at convention to see you demo your project, but when I was trying to figure out what to do with my chipboard album (and not mess it up!) I found some photos someone took at convention of your album which really helped me. So, THANK YOU for the inspiration and your kind words!

CathyP said...

You know how much all of the demonstrators love you!!! You are so funny and talented! You will be SORELY missed!

I know there are great things in your future because you are so amazing and unique! The world needs you and so do we!

Best to you always! It was an honor to teach you to stamp!

I will ALWAYS be your friend!
cathy P

Cindy Major said...

Okay, those have got to be some of the most beautiful kids in the world. Top ten, easy!

And oh, that excuse!! Wow, I wished I had thought of that back when I was still living with my folks. It would have worked so much better than "Because I said it in French". ;)

I bet you have the hardest time keeping a straight face when they pull out those lines on you!

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