Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good bye lay-off beard

After I got laid off I decided to not shave so often- I was "giving my face a little vacation as well". But really, I just didn't see the point in shaving every single day just to work in the yard,the house, and to pick up the school carpool!!! You always think "Who is going to see me anyway". That is until you go out for a quick errand and run into a girl you dated in high school who then goes home thinking, "boy am I glad we broke up back then. Doesn't look like he has gone anywhere with his life! But last week I decided to go on a job interview/shaving strike. I was not going to shave again until I got a job interview. Sadly, (but not for Teresa), tomorrow morning I will be saying good-bye to the lay-off beard as I have my first job interview. Sad to see it go, but glad to be going in for a job interview. Can't wait to tell you all about it tomorrow! I am actually a bit sad about it because I loved working at Stampin' Up! more than any job I have ever had (sorry Dad, but it even beats that year you made me help you clean out the dryer vent- what a blast that was!) Wish me luck.

Pic of the "Lay-off Beard"
P.S. If you have a story about a time you ran into someone from your past looking, well, not your best, please add it here so we can all have a good laugh- at your expense! :)


Gwynne said...

Its funny you always remember the day you were out not looking your best. Mine was planning a huge Christmas party and December 4th, spent the day in my worst sweats, cleaning, putting the tree up, getting the inside and outside of the house decorated. Tired and bedraggled, I realized I needed a couple more things from the local garden shop. I thought about cleaning myself up first and said Nah I never run into anyone. Well enough said the first person I ran into was a young man that I had a crush on in High School. Very very embarassing.

Tricia Wampler said...

Good luck with your interview, Jaron. Anyone would be lucky to have you working for them!

Cindy Major said...

Best of luck with the interview!!! Just be your fabulous self and I am sure they will love you.

Gotta admit that you sport the LOB very well!! You look quite charming with it. Good thing you are not letting it grow out into a Tom Hanks' "Cast Away" beard, though.

Any embarassing encounters... I'm sure there were. And I'm sure my memory repressed them, as I can't think of any at the moment.


Susan Jenne said...


I'd like to share my funniest employment related story with you.

20+ years ago, when I young, green, and entering the working world, I had a job interview in a physician's office. He was of middle eastern descent, and spoke with a very thick accent.

The interview was going well, right up to the point where he asked (or so I heard) "What do you think for scenery?"

Thinking that was a rather odd question, I replied "scenery?"

He answered, "scenery, scenery!"

My mind is in a whirlwind as I'm trying to discern why he would be asking me an interior decorating question??? I'm sure the look on my face is one of utter perplexion.

He then shouts at me. "scenery, scenery, you know, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!" (holding his hand up, rubbing his thumb against his fingers)

I couldn't help myself, I burst into laughter at my own obvious misunderstanding.

My response was not received well,
and he thought I was making fun of him!

Needless to say, I wasn't offered the position.

Hope my trip down memory lane brings a smile to your day - it still makes me giggle!

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

(let me try this again)

I wish you much success with your interview!

I do not have any "close encounters of the third kind" to share at my expense, but when I went to my 10th HS reunion with my charming husband and pictures of my kids in hand, I was selfishly delighted to see that while not-so-popular-me was living the life I had always dreamed, several of the cheerleaders--you know the most popular and pretty girls in the school--are still single. >:]


Bev Dahl said...

My most embarrassing moment was walking across the upper floor of the parking garage (about a block), going down the elevator, and to the street corner with a girl following me. We stood on the corner waiting for the light, crossed when it turned green then she went her way and I went mine. I didn't think anything of it until I crossed the next corner and a gust of wind caught my FULL skirt and I realized that was a little more windy than it should have been. My skirt was caught in my waist band in the back and my rear end was shining all across the parking garage, down the elevator, etc. Now, why in the world would one woman to the next not say anything to someone that obviously didn't know she was hanging out all over the place?
Well, she certainly had a laugh on me that day and that 'corner' came to be known as "MY" corner

Julie said...

I also had a moment, one day while I was working at a local gas station (I know how embarrassing to admit) a good friends husband walked in I noticed he wasn't dressed for work and told him that he looked good with clothes on. Can you believe it, I honestly had never seen him without clothes, but the words just came out that way. My friend came in the next day and razzed me about what I had said. Talk about embarrassing moments! I tried for months to take back those words, but I had no such luck.

Good luck on your interview, and good-bye facial hair.


Jennifer said...

I didn't really run into anyone I knew, but I was still embarrassed by the way I was dressed.

I was traveling with family up to Boise to visit my brother's family. On the way my niece, sitting next to me, said she thought she was going to throw-up. The next thing I knew, she was throwing up. I looked around for something she could throw-up in and when I couldn't find anything, stuck my hand out for her. I know gross!! I don't recommend EVER doing that!! Anyway, I also got throw-up all over my pants. So we pulled my suitcase out, I reached in and the first thing I grabbed were my pajama bottoms. So at the side of the road I changed.

When we got to Burley, Idaho my family decided to go inside McDonald's instead of the drive through. I was so embarrassed to be in a public place in my pajamas! I know a few people in the area and was hoping I didn't run in to them.

It's funny though, I wasn't the least bit embarrassed wearing my pajamas all over Denver to the Pajama-Stamp-a-Rama at convention!

Mindy Bywater said...

Congrats Jaron! I am so excited for you! As for stories, I can't think of any off the top of my head but I am certain that has happened a time or two.

Good Luck!

Jackie Barfield said...

Good luck Jaron! I think someone would be crazy not to hire you! (Even with the beard)

I used to go outside to get the paper with my pj's on, no makeup, hair wild. LOL. But one morning I went to get it and a really cute, young guy was jogging by and said hello to me. I felt like hiding! (in the Artic!)

No I send my kids to get the paper. LOL.


Suzanne said...

Good luck with the job interview. They'd be lucky to have you

stampersim said...

Just as Bev Dahl said in a previous comment, I've been the victim of an embarassing skirt situation. coming out of the restroom my thin material skirt was tucked up into my pantyhose and because it was such thin material I didn't feel anything. Working in the aerospace industry, the majority of the people in my department were men engineers and here I am walking down the hall with my butt exposed. Thank goodness someone came running up behind me to tell me (but not before I walked past several coworkers!).

Best of luck to you in your interview. You will knock their socks off !!!! Anyone would be a fool not to hire you. Just remember, if they don't, it's their loss !!! You have so much to offer.

Jenn said...

Good luck with the interview!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jaron on your job interview!

Senor Fuentes said...

You sure are a handsom Devil with the scruff! I miss ya Little Man. Just thought you'd like to know that the DOWN UNDER mic exploration is carring on.

Stampin' With Angie said...

Good luck with the interview! I just know that you'll be sharing your good news with us and I'm super excited to hear about your new job! :o)

As far as the "lay-off beard"...I'm not a "facial hair" kinda gal but you're "hot" with the scruff! ;o)

Embarassing story....I went to lunch with a co-worker during my "working days" and was wearing this great red silk wrap-around dress. Had a wonderful lunch and dreaded going back to work (we actually talked about playing "hookie" for the rest of the day because it was SO nice out!). We went back to work and as I was walking down the hall, someone asked me if I had a "problem". I had no idea what they were talking about so I asked them to clarify. They asked if I had a problem and needed to go to the bathroom. I told them that I didn't (I was rather perturbed at this assumption!) and asked them why in the world they would ask me such a stupid question! He said, "I thought that since you have already peed yourself that maybe you forgot where the bathroom is." I obviously made a bee-line for the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror looking over my shoulder to see this wet spot on the back of my dress!

Right before my co-worker and I sat down to eat, someone had spilled their drink across their table. Apparently (obviously!), it splashed over to the chairs where we were headed and I picked a chair that was wet! I had no idea that I had sat in anything! I spent the rest of the day in my cubicle....and you can bet I check the chair before I sit down now! LOL!

Mel Hopes said...

Good luck my friend! It was sure nice to see you in wally world the other day and to be quite honest I didn't even notice the lob. You always look great to me.

Hope every thing goes well for you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the interview goes/went well. I had to share my 'not the best' story. I don't wear a LOT of makeup, but I do wear enough to make a difference. I have no color and basically no eyebrows without it. But when I go camping, I give my face (as you have) a break. A number of years ago, I had just gotten back from a camping trip ... unpacked a bit ... was TOTALLY grubby ... but I needed some groceries, so I went to my local store to pick up some milk and a few things. As I was entering the checkout line, I saw oen of my co-workers (from an office of 8 .. so we DO know each other quite well) and said 'hi'. She looked at me with a totally blank look on her face ... after a couple seconds, I realized that she didn't recognize me!! Yikes!! I was so mortified that I shifted my eyes and didn't attempt to make eye contact with her again that night.

Marjori Miller said...

I hope the interview went as well as you wanted it to go. Anyone would be lucky to have you as an employee!

Now for the funny isn't mine, but my husband's. We were in his home town when we walked into a restaurant and he recognized his ex-fiance (from waaay back). He didn't say anything to her right away, but as we were leaving, we walked past her table. My DH sucked in his belly, stood up straighter & said Hi, introduced his family, etc... I was laughing so hard as we walked out...he claims he didn't even realize he had done that. LOL! By the way...his ex looked pretty bad herself! LOL!!!

Hope there's good news for ya!

Lois Folla said...

Good Luck on your interview(s) Jaron!

You crack me up! I love your spirit in good and not so good times.

I'ld love to share a 'bad hair day' or horror running into x's but I always look good, so I don't have any! LOL And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn, I'ld like to sell you!!
PS How crazy is t his... I can see my word verification while writing to you, and believe it or not, it is 'dearsu' how odd hu!?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I got one of these stories!! When my 3rd child was 3 months old, my husband and I decided to go away overnight to celebrate our anniversary. We went to a show and about 1/2 way through, I began to 'let-down' (yes, I was still nursing). I decided to make the best of it and keep my arms folded as long as need be. When the show was over, I just wanted to head back to the hotel as quickly as possible. Wouldn't you know, a guy I dated happen to be in the show and spotted me in the hallway. Surprised and obviously not thinking, I gave him a big hug!! Oh, I'll just let it go at that. So embarrassed---LOL.. He didn't have to ask what I've been up to :)

Tanya said...

Good Luck at the interview! I hope it is the new job of your dreams :)
The components of my embarassing moment:
1. No working septic system, so have a Port-A-Potty in my front yard.
2. I work 12 hour nights, so I sleep during the day.
3. I wear just a t-shirt to bed.

I had to get up and go pee one nogth (really it was day, but reference point #2) and went out to the POrt-A-Potty in my PJ's. The Port-A-Potty guy showed up while I was in the potty, he was there to empty it. Yup, not decent at all.
Beat that one, I dare ya!

conductorchik said...

Jaron - Best of luck with your job interview!!
By the way...keep the scruff!!! :-) It works!

I was in my early teens, and REALLY big T-Shirts were the style. I went outside to let my mom know that I was ready to leave and she goes, "Kristen, where are your shorts???" (You wouldn't have been able to see them anyway...) And I go, "Duh!! Right here!!" - and I lifted my shirt only to expose myself, sans shorts to my mom, my neighbor and any other neighbor who was outside at the time. My sis called me flasher for the longest time.

Joan B said...

I don't have a story but I have enormous best wishes for you. said...

Hi Jaron! I am wondering how the job interview went the other day? I hope it went well for you. I understand all the feelings you have been going through. I was laid off from a job I loved too. Enjoy the special family time you are having while you can and keep your head up while you are job searching. You are an extremely talented and hard working man. The comments from your coworkers show what a great employee you are and what a strong contribution you make to a team effort! Those are wonderful qualities to have. You will sure be missed at the staff there in Utah and by all of us out here. These blogs and Facebook pages are a great way to stay connected in a small way. Makes us feel better doesn't it! Best of luck!

Lucia Kaiser said...

I left a comment before, but I'm not sure it got saved, so I just want to repeat it. Good luck with your job interview. We miss you a lot at SU!

Melissa Caufield said...

I was due to have my twin girls at our church one morning last summer very early in the morning. We overslept and I woke up to the phone ringing and it was the counselor taking them to church camp saying we can only wait 15 more minutes (I live 12 minutes away at least!). I woke up the girls quickly and grabbed the first t-shirt on top of the stack in my drawer and we left. We rushed to church and I loaded their bags and sleeping bag in the back of the church van then chatted with some other parents from my church a few minutes about the chaos of being so late. On the drive home, I looked down and lo and behold I had chosen a VERY LOW cut, v-neck shirt (like down to my navel almost v-neck shirt) to wear and in my hurried lateness, forgot to put on the tank top meant to go underneath it. I was MORTIFIED to say the least that my fellow church members were probably STILL talking about me the following Sunday about how immodest I was (which I am VERY modest actually). The only saving grace was that my bra that I had on was a skin tone bra, but no matter how hard I tried to rationalize it, I knwo they still were laughing, as was I. My sister (who also attends my church) and I still crack up over that to this day about what they must have been thinking; hope you get a laugh out of it too!