Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Rock Baby

A few days ago I came home from work and lugged my worn out body to the door. And there sitting next to the front door was a large rock, wrapped in swaddling paper towels. In front of it was a cracker and some other food that I could not make out, as well as a toy. Well apparently my sweet little Sophie has found a new playmate. (Should I be worried about this?) Sophie has a new rock baby. Here is a pic:

A friend of mine, Julie Salva, once said in a presentation: "If you don't quite know what to say, just simply say 'Bless her heart'". Thanks for sharing that Julie because I was certainly at a loss for words. Soph, bless your heart


Queen of Feisty said...

My daughter fell in love for a stick for 4 days last summer. It's unique, but I'm sure the spider I talked to when I was a kid was kind unique too.

Sophie is INSANLY cute Jaron!

Have a great Holiday season!

Queen of Feisty

Cindy Major said...

I don't know why we keep buying expensive toys to kids when they are perfectly happy playing with rocks and empty boxes... ;D

She looks sooo pretty in her brown parka and pink mittens! She's a gorgeous little girl.

She's your daughter, she's bound to be creative...


Julie Salva said...

Bless your heart, buddy!


Anonymous said...

Pet rocks were a big hit years ago, nothing wrong with a rock baby other than the weight of it.....Love to you and yours!

Simmy Ogg said...

Sophie is so cute I can hardly stand it. My great-aunt used to say Bless Your Heart to EVERYTHING we did!! Thanks to your post, I now know that just didn't know what to say. :-)

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


PS. We've been doing quite a bit of motorboating pics lately. We did them in a restaurant and nearly drove the people behind us crazy cuz we were laughing so hard. Then, I was reviewing the pics while my daughter was at her voice lesson and well, let's just say my laughing was so not appreciated.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Don't feel bad. One of my sons formed an attachment for a squeegee and the other had a thing for a small blue French/English dictionary. We still have it around here somewhere.

Kids are weird. You just have to roll with it!

Shannon said...

Well that's an interesting use for "Bless Your Heart." It comes in handy and I like our old use for it too. :)

Speaking of motorboating (comment above), I keep forgetting to tell you that I actually motorboated not too long ago. Me and my sisters and where the hell are those pictures? I will have to find them...