Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Live Nativity

Monday night the whole fam got to be in a live nativity. It was amazing. It is a tradition that has been going on for years in our area and to be honest, it is truly an amazing experience. An entire city of Bethlehem is built right behind our church. There is a cast over over 100 people all decked out in clothing of the time. There are tons of live animals: camels, donkeys, chickens, sheep and baby cows. And at the end of the walking tour of the city, you end up at the manger where there is Mary, Joseph and a live baby Jesus. When Sophie was two months old, they asked us to fill in for that role. She was the prettiest baby Jesus you ever saw. Here are a few pics from my cell phone- so they are not great.

Coltin and I were the Carpenter and Son

And Teresa, Malorie and Sophie were street merchants.
And here is a pic of the "streets" that you walk through to get to the manger.
Sorry I have been so LAME not updating more often. I promise to get back on track.


Lisa said...

Hey, I didn't know your family was there Monday night. Our ward went on Monday but I was out of town. Dang it.

Terry Molineux said...

Jaron....what a fantastic idea to be done yearly. Our little town only has a tree lighting would love to do something like this. Thanks for sharing

Cindy Major said...

Hi, Jaron

Nice to hear from you! Wow, you guys really go all out... The costumes and decors are fabulous!

All my best wishes to you and your family for the Holidays!


Anonymous said...

very cool.....i do miss hearing from you! Blessings to you and yours!

Butternutsage said...

wow wish we had something like that here!!! Love the concept and you all looked so authintic, well except your hair is too short!!! Maybe you can grow it a bit next year! LOL!!!