Friday, September 25, 2009

Traveling all over the place

First I have to say, I LOVE my new job at Uppercase Living. The people here in the office , and our demonstrators in the field are too cool for words. I have been out visting our Demonstrators in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. When you are driving along the highway this is what you can see:
Corn- and lot's of it!!
Middle of nowhere, IA

Here are other pics from the trips. They are all what I like to call "drive by pics" which means I didn't really stop to look much. I jumped out of the car snapped a pic and then jumped right back in.
The grave of THE John Deere. Still not sure why I went there:)
Moline, IL

Rolling through Nauvoo, IL
Carthage Jail

Springfield, IL
Abe Lincoln's home- An amazing man!

Chicago, IL
White Sox Stadium

The famous Chicago Theater

Millineum Park- where Obama gave is victory speech

The "Bean" sculpture in Millineum Park

Gary, IN-Michael Jackson's childhood home. Gary----is SCARY. I jumped out of the car, took a pic, and then jumped back in, peeled out of there and did not look back :) Seriously though, if you go there, take a gun!!! yikes

St. Louis
View of "The Arch" from my hotel room

Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play

There was a Tums factory right across the street from my hotel. Each time I walked outside it either smelled like mixed berries or spearmint. ick!

The Pageant theater, seemed so fitting so I took a pic

Good times. I will find a few obscure places on my next few trips. Can't wait. Sorry for not updating more frequently. You can see I have been traveling a bit. I'll try to do better.


Unknown said...

Hello from "nowhere" Iowa! I can tell from your pic that you NOT taking that pic in northeast Iowa! Come back and visit us again!

Queen of Feisty said...

Welcome to Chicago! I am from the South south suburbs (close to Chicago but not that close) either way I loved your pictures, The Bean is a fun thing to take pictures by, we do all the time!

I have to laugh that you actually got out of your car in Gary. That is one scary place!

Hope you can post more, you seem to be busy with all your Upercase Living travels!

Queen of Feisty

MichelleR said...

Oh Jaron, no one gets out of their car in Gary! Someone should have told you that! I was sad not to be able to go to Davenport, but I think I am going to Des Moines...but you will not be there, sad face. I am excited that I have a recruit going though, so she can sign up and take advantage of the great Road Trip deals :)

Katie/The Family Chef said...

Oh! I hope you get to come to Minnesota next. We have some great UL demonstrators here! So glad that you are working for another great company. Alas, I am a demo with the "old" company but I have many great friends who are demos with UL and they have GREAT products!! Love it!! And I especially think it's great that you are continuing to use your creative talent. Good luck to you!! :)

airbornewife said...

Jaron.. what fun it is to travel! I used to live in Missouri and LOVE being in St. Louis.. to see the Cardinal's... the Arch is awesome. We used to live about 135 miles away from there and always relished our time we got to spend in the city. Hope you had a great time ~ Pam

Anonymous said...

Jaron, your so funny. I am going to sign up as a demo just to get you out to California.

michelle sturgeon said...

You are so fun, Jaron! I miss you at SU but I'm glad you are enjoying this new adventure. Lots of great travel photos.

A.R. said...

JARON you big db...I have nicknames for all of those places from my trip out East. Check my blog to see them. :) Yes, I have a blog - but I don't have your email address so send it to me so I can give you permissions!

Lois Folla said...

Wonderful Pictures, now you need My Digial Studio for them!!! If you don't have it yet, you need to order it from ME NOW!! tee hee

Great to see you enjoying your new job, missed seeing you at convention, think I heard you popped in?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Jaron!
My name is Lonni Hatch and I am a SU demo (and fellow Latter-Day Saint) from CA. And today is the day that I 'googled' you because I hadn't seen or heard about you for forever on the SU website. To my surprise as I started reading your blog, that is when I found out why.

I am shocked and I couldn't let this day pass by without telling you how I appreciated your enthusiasm, sense of humor and warmness that I had seen over these past 4 years since becoming a SU demo. I so enjoyed seeing you interact with everyone and when you presented at my first coonvention last year! You have such an way about you that enables the person listening to you to feel comfortable and important even if there were thousands of others listening too.

You were definitely my fave at SU! Thank you for all that you did, said and inspired all of those years! I wish you all of the best with your new job and my prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

With Christlike love,