Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sophie Says...Bratz dolls

Just got back from a business trip and Sophie was telling me all about a Bratz doll she got for her birthday and said:
"They are called Bratz Dolls dad. But not because they are brats sometimes like Malorie and Coltin. It's just their name."
She gets and extra $100 in my will someday.


Linda Lou said...

Meow ... Purr, purr, with a swish of my claws in the air, and a twitch of my leg clawing in the air like a stallion! Man I miss you little buddy! Don't get your briefs in a wad waiting for the announcement. It's just a couple of free give-a-ways for some advertising. Hope you're enjoying work as much as I am! Talked to LoLa today. It was sooo good to hear from her. We've GOT to get together soon!

Cindy Major said...

That Sophie - she keeps cracking me up! Bet she's the hit of the schoolyard!

I got to hang out with your old friends Carrie and Shannon this weekend! They were in town for a Regionals and they were their usual charming 'selves. I hope they enjoyed Quebec City enough to bribe SU! to hold an event here again next year!

I see you've been traveling yourself - are you driving all that distance alone?! I hope you have company alongway!