Friday, May 15, 2009

An Update and a Creative Color Challenge

Well I did not fall into a hole somewhere, just have been enjoying working in my yard and being with the family. Have been doing lots of interviewing at some really great, and a few not so great, companies! You always have to weed out a few right? But its funny and makes me laugh all the way back home after a really bad interview. Supposed to hear back from my top picks by the end of next week. SO EXCITED-Then I will be able to give a good update. Hopefully packed with fantastic news. Hope everyone is doing well.

I decided to do another color challenge because I loved seing all of the amazing ideas from the last time. So let's do it again. This color combo comes right from the cover of Malorie's Journal (and no I did not read inside- just looking at the outside- but who is this kid Cooper whose name is in hearts! kidding.) So hear it is:

Pretty in Pink
Rose Red
Regal Rose
Chocolate Chip
Kiwi Kiss

I like throwing in a color there that you may not normally put together. Now go enjoy creating someting. Like last time- post it on your own blog and then reply here with the link. That way we can all copy, I mean admire your work. Ha
Feeling very blessed today-Your friend,


Donna said...

Hi Jaron, well it looks like you are having fun looking for your NEW job, or at least fun with the extra time to garden. I know next to making cards I love my gardening best! Here is a little something I used to submit to your color challenge. I used Pink Pirouette instead of Pretty in Pink becasue I just love that ribbon so! Have a nice weekend

Stampin' With Angie said...

I love reading your always manage to make me laugh no matter what's going on! :o) I can't wait to hear that your top choice has begged you to start working for them right away!! I can't wait to play with the new color combo but I will have to wait until Sunday since tomorrow is jam-packed with events! :o( I'll be sure to post a link.....thanks for the challenge!

Robin Ogden - FiredUP Careers said...

Hi Jaron -

Well, I can't even tell you how I ran across your blog (typical web surfer), but I have enjoyed reading your posts.

Not sure if you got an offer yet or are still in the interviewing process - if you are still interviewing and want to send me your address I'd be happy to send you one of our FiredUP Interviewing audio CD's - compliments.

Good luck!
Robin Ogden
FiredUP Careers

email me at if you would like me to send you our cd.

Cindy Major said...

Hi, Jaron

I was looking forward to your next challenge. Perfect timing: I'm off work today for the long weekend and was looking forward to a little crafting time!

Here's what your really pretty color combo inspired me:

Thanks for the inspiration and I wish you the best of luck with your work search. I hope you get a fabulous offer from the company of your choice!


Maureen said...

Hi Jaron! love your blog and your upbeat give me hope! Best wishes to you in your job search...
Love the combo challenge...wish I had time to do it...hmmmm..... maybe I can squeak it in...
;-) maureen

stampersim said...

Hey Jaron ....
Thanks for posting another challenge. Here's mine:

Can't wait to hear more about your top picks. In the meantime, keep enjoying that garden. I'm off to Home Depot this afternoon to get flowers for mine. I pulled out all the dead stuff and a bunch of weeds and now there's nothing left LOL.

Cula said...

I've been dying for another challenge, and was so happy when I saw that you posted another one. Here's my card:

Wendy Weixler said...

I was out of town so I came across this post a bit late! (Better late than never, right?)

Loved this color combo . . . I was worried I wasn't going to be able to fit 'em all in, but I did it! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for ya that one of the jobs you are excited about comes through for you!

Here's a link to my challenge card:

Great Friend Fave

Kelly said...

Thanks for another great Creative Color Challenge. I was finally able to play along. This time I didn't have such a sad reason for creating my card, and I was able to play around and have fun with it. Here's my card.

I wish you continued luck with your job search. Be sure to keep us informed. Take care, and God bless!


stampsany1 said...

Ok,I think you did fall into a hole somewhere... Update, please!!!!!