Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday my sweet Malorie Moo!!

Moo's EIGHTH birthday was this week!!! Holy cow she is growing up so fast. I can't even stand it. I fear that all too soon I will be fighting of rotten little teenage boys at our doorstep. Oh no, she will not be allowed to date or even think of dating until at least 20!!! Heaven help us!! UGH.
So today's I will do a Top Ten things I love about my Moo:
10.Malorie has beautiful hair, and I love it when she flips it out of her face so matter of factly.
9. Malorie loves to wear dresses and dress up. She always looks cute, nails, lipstick, glitter!!
8. Malorie is a pianist. Getting good. Always plays with her tongue sticking out like her Daddy.
7. Malorie is a GREAT sister to Tito and Peanut. She loves to hug and hold them.
6. Malorie is a beautiful ballerina. She is graceful. Look out Miss America
5. Malorie will someday run for Miss America- actually she adamatly said no. I 'm devastated :)
4. Malorie almost always does her chores with only minimal proding.
3. Malorie has a smile that melts me to pieces-therefore she always gets her way!
2. Malorie hand-stamps me welcome home posters each time I go on a business trip.
1. I love to watch Maloire sleep- no its not creepy!! She has a slight smile and seems to always be carefree and at rest. She often times even sleeps with a eye mask on. It is hilarious and yet, so Diva-ish! Just seems fittting for her.
I love you the most Malorie!! (Shhhh don't tell the others- I tell them they same thing too)


Caroline LeBel, Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator said...

This cracked me up! My son just turned 8 last weekend, and we call him Morgan Moo!

So happy belated birthday to one Moo from another :)

Marion Dornan said...

Why keep her from dating until she's 20, I say make her wait until 30!

My little girl will be turning 18 soon, and they just don't stay little long enough. Even when you do enjoy every breath they take and every smile they shine at you, you just blink for what seems like a second and they're all grown up looking at colleges to move away to.

So, don't blink, and Happy Belated Birthday Morgan Moo!