Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE summer

Shannon (my co-worker) wanted us all to write our top ten reasons we are excited to be done with summer. To which I could only say....What the?????? NO WAY can I write about the close of summer. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some of that winter.... but summer is my favorite by far. So here are the reasons I love summer and don't want it to end:
10) End of summer means school starts again, and even though I am no longer in school I still get a little anxiety when it is about to start.
9) Playing in the sprinklers with the kids.
8) I LOVE my flower garden. Ugh! I hate to see it all die back at the close of summer. It is more than I can bear... all of that hardwork.
7) My neighbors dog does a LOT of #2's on my grass. Now that I could do without. But what is fun about it (stay with me here) is making a game out of throwing it back in their yard. 5 points for their lawn, 10 points for their walkway, and 100 points for their porch. Hey it is not my dog!!!! You reap what you (and your dog) sew!
6) Awesome movies always come out in the summer.
5) Hiking on our beautiful mountain trails.
4) Body image- I am a little more concious of taking care of my body in the summer incase a passerby sees me mowing my lawn without my shirt on. However, when summer is over......bring back my beloved Poptarts.
3) I don't watch as much TV (My sweet TW will say this is not true-but it is). Because it stays late longer, there is so many outside activities we can do.
2) SOCCER season! As the coach, I love it, love it, love it!
1) Sun. The sun makes me happy- I would stay in it all day everyday if I could get a guarantee that I would not ever look like Bob Barker or George Hamilton.

NOW YOU WRITE: What do you LOVE about the summer months.


The Price's Wife said...

Next time you'll be out mowing the lawn- CALL ME!

Shannon said...

I can think of at least one reason you are excited for break out your Ernie sweater!!! p.s. so nice of your neighbor's dog to show you how to do #2!

Connie said...

My favorite things are that I get to drive by and see you mowing your lawn without a shirt. Oh, and what you thought were dog droppings? Sorry, I was too busy watching you. Come were asking for it.