Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahhhhhh Halloween!!

I have to admit to LOVING Halloween- not the dark stuff, but the fun you get from dressing up in interesting costumes and , well, generally making complete fools out of ourselves. I love it! At work we dress up every year and make it a big deal. Here are pics of some of my faves from the past.

The Flying Elvi- we all made Elvis costumes
Clue- we each dressed a a different character

You can click on any of these to make them larger.
I can't wait to add a few pics from this year.
DO YOU HAVE ANY HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS? if so, please share them with all of us.


Britiney said...

The elvises (sp?) are fun, but Clue??!! Brilliant!!

Shannon said...

wow that clue pic is really awesome!!! i haven't seen that particular pic! my halloween tradition is roller skates. at least i'm making that the tradition from now on. and lots of makeup. :)

Lisa said...

That is awesome and seriously you were scary this year. I love Halloween :)

Cindy Major said...

Hey, the pirate guy at the right of the second picture, wasn't he in one of the scrapbook sample page from the catalogue a couple of years ago? Black 8½x11 page with Halloween written with varius alphabet sets and punches?

Wonder when the clue one will be featured in a catalogue... Your costumes are brilliant!

We don't get dressed up at the office on Halloween. I work with accountants. Not the same level of creativity... ;)

We do have a theme each year for the Christmas party, though, and last year, it was the Sultan's Ball. I made my own Orient-inspired costume, even though I'm not much of a seamstress. But, oh, the wonderful things you can do with a glue gun! (in teal at right)